2003 Maxima 310 wide platen with 76 oz. shot.  High speed injection system and loaded with options including stack mold carrier.

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Item Number 92616-1
Model MM310 WP
Year 2003
Tonnage 310
Shot Size 76 oz.
Controller EXTREEM
Between Tie Bars 36"x 26"
Platen Dimensions 47" x 37"
Clamp Stroke 41.7"
Daylight 49.6"
Min./Max. Mold Height 7.87" / 25.98"
Machine Dimensions 259.4" x 95.9" x 110.1"
Machine Weight Approx. 32,000 lbs.
Hours 53,926
Voltage 460
Options Stack mold carrier assembly, increased injection velocity, stationary & moving platen c/p, rotary type shut off nozzle, proportional valving, ejectors
High speed machine loaded with options including stack mold carrier assembly.
PLEASE NOTE: Machinery specifications listed are thought to be correct. However it is the responsibility of the buyer to verify all specifications. All machinery listed and quoted is subject to prior sale.
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Posted in Horizontal Plastic Injection, Molding Machines
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